Product Characteristics

the product has two layers , the top layer is recycled fabric , it could absorb liquid ; the bottom layer is Pe foil , ensuring that the product is liquid proof , what's more , its non-slip function can guarantee the safe working condition .
  • Waterproof

  • Fire protection

  • Antiskid

  • Sound insulation

  • Antibacterial

  • Moistureproof

  • Recyclable

  • Air permeability

  • Easy-operation


Production of PE film

The PE film is not easy to tear, and the film in contact with the floor is anti-skid.

Production of felt

The needle-punched fleece is flat and smooth,no smell,no metalline stuff,can absorb the water and paint.

The fleece coated with PE film

The fleece coated with PE film, is cutted to be 1 m width roll with regular edge,the film is completely covered on the fleece.

Cutting packaging

The big roll is made to be required length products,packed with label, plastic bag,carton or pallet, to be the production.

improvement application

white paint fleece is the idea protection for your floors and enables you to carry on working without risk and hazard .
The white painter fleece,completely covers the stairs,not easy to move,good slip resistant.
Painter fleece,this high
quality paint substrate is filled
with uniformly covered
fleece.tough non-
slip pe foil underside Combined the advantage of cover
fleece original and basic, ensuring
your construction site safe and
easy.This is an ideal product
that you should have.

All over the world.

Our non-woven products are produced in an eco-friendly way, and adoption of low-carbon production, technology make it possible to reduce the pollution and greenhousegas emissions.

Committed to spirit of keeping pace with the tiomes, through constant- innovation and exploration, the company has been, and will be, devoted to adopting environmental protection concept,high-edges technology,and advanced managerial experiment to provide, products with superior quality and honest service.